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Your hosts are born local. They know the secrets and beauties of the area and local nature inside and out. We are a small and quaint family motel, our services and products are hand-crafted and we place a value on quality with heart and soul.

Our team at TILL is a team of engaged individuals who radiate their enjoyment and energy for life. The owners Christof, Kurt and Markus have achieved with the creation of TILL, a home for business travellers and vacationers looking for a stay in touch with nature, offering an affordable and relaxing atmosphere for short or long stays.​

Our TILL is lead by Verena and her team. Together they make for a home away from home filled with personality, heart and soul, with a guarantee to provide a bit of sunshine in your day.

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The motherhouse TILL was grounded in 1962 by a hospitality pair who created a lovely homestyle restaurant with a few rooms. In 1986 the young cook Walter and his wife Marie-Helene bought the Römerstube and managed it successfully until 2017. The Römerstube was known all around for its' exceptional, natural kitchen. After their retuírement, the Römerstube was quiet and empty until Verena, the daughter of the previous owners along with her husband Markus decided to turn the time-honoured Römerstube into a Naturmotel and Backcafe. Along with Christof and Kurt a partnership was formed of friends. The concept was developed with enthusiasm and has finally been achieved!​

TILL has doubled in size since its' original state as a family restaurant. Following large rennovations it now shines moderness while keeping its' original flair from the 70's unique to its' Satteins routes. The previous name Römerstube has been changed to TILL, the name of the little hill behind the Motel, the ‘Tillbühel’.

The Naturmotel & Backcafe invites guests to Satteins, to spend time amidst nature to relax and enjoy the comforts TILL. That is the conversion: the Römerstube from 1962 is now TILL 2022.